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re-ply 2.0 Outdoor Dining Structure

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Per Month over 8 the month season

Inclusions & Exclusions

What's Included:

Barriers, Platforms and Roof as selected, built to our high specifications

Re-ply 2.0 Package Includes:

  • Initial consultation & site measure (completed)
  • Site plan for D.O.T permit
  • Delivery to site
  • Installation & assembly of structure
  • Mid-season servicing & repairs as required
  • End of season de-install
  • Transport to offsite storage
  • Winter storage
  • Refurbishment & re-painting as required

What's Extra:

Customization - please contact us for a detailed quote.

Please note: Bench seats, vertical screening and trash containers are optional extras and are not included in these prices. Please contact us for a detailed quote if you would like to add any of these additional items.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery and installation rates apply to outright purchases. Monthly leases include all logistics, delivery and installation.

contact us for a detailed quote

How re-ply 2.0 works

Free Consultation

A project starts with a meeting or phone call - get in touch!

Design & Customization

We work through your needs and recommend how best to utilize and customize the re-ply kit for your business. Together we can develop custom color, cladding and roof enclosure options to match your brand and interior aesthetic.

Removal of Existing Structure (If required)

We can arrange cost-effective demolition, salvage and / or disposal of your existing structure if needed.

We are a recycling company at heart - If materials or design features can be re-used, we have ways that we can incorporate them into your new kit.

Delivery & Fast On-Site Assembly

Our systems are designed to be quick to assemble and de-mount.

Most re-ply structures without roofs can be installed within 1 day, and structures with roofs take around 2 days to assemble on site.

Servicing and Repair

Things happen - and we want to keep you up and running and looking great throughout the season. We're available when you need us to repair or replace worn or damaged parts.

Disassembly & Off-Site Winter Storage

It's rare to find a New York restaurant with enough space to store a structure over the winter.

re-ply offers turnkey storage options that are bundled with your subscription to take the headache out of winter storage

Winter Repair & Refresh

Time in storage is a perfect opportunity to refresh your structure for the spring, ensuring you look your best from Day 1 of the following year


What is re-ply?

Founded in 2020 by BVN, an Australian architectural studio with a global footprint, re-ply provides restaurants with fully-serviced, seasonal outdoor dining structures that are safe, cost effective, rat-proof and sustainably designed. An innovative new approach to outdoor dining, re-ply’s model makes it easier for restaurant owners to navigate changing outdoor dining regulations and offers diners thoughtfully designed, customizable structures to elevate their dining experience

What is re-ply 2.0? How is it different from the original re-ply offering?

Re-ply’s new offering is focused on providing an elegant, flexible solution for seasonal outdoor dining. This looks different from the original re-ply in two major ways: 

  1. Seasonal, fully serviced model. Our customers will be able to rent their outdoor dining structures for the April - November season, and re-ply will offer assembly, disassembly, and winter storage, along with maintenance.
  2. Recycled, rat-proof materials. Re-ply’s original structures were built with recycled plywood. Re-ply 2.0 offers customizable structures made from recycled aluminum, which is both sustainable and rat-proof.

How is re-ply sustainable?

Re-ply uses recycled materials throughout our dining structures, and takes a modular approach to design that reduces waste. What’s more, our seasonal model ensures that restaurants are not tearing down and tossing out a new dining structure each year!

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