"The Longhouse is a beacon and setting for our members to become involved in the process through art, furniture, music and performance."
- Forbes magazine

The Longhouse — a pop-up activation space installed at the frontage of NeueHouse Madison Square.

Raising the bar for communal spaces in a post-pandemic world, the entire structure is a reimagination of the outdoor experience in New York City, wrought with stories of community, collaboration and high touch design — all components deeply woven into the ethos of the NeueHouse brand.

In these times of uncertainty, we believe that connection and collaboration are our greatest resources. The Longhouse is a physical manifestation of integrating these core beliefs into an ideal environment where our members and community can gather to work, eat, drink and, of course, connect safely.

Each element of The Longhouse is crafted with intentional design moments and architectural layers that are characteristic of the community and its’ local surroundings. Of note, an arched canopy inspired by the adjacent Armory, plush landscaping by Neuehouse member Lily Kwong Studio and custom upholstery and fabrics by members from Danish textile firm Kvadrat.

By day, The Longhouse serves as a comfortable workspace and respite to enjoy a coffee while working, or hosting a meeting outdoors. By evening, the space turns down to social gathering place to enjoy cocktails by The Balvenie, small plates, music and live activations.

Good design and architecture always speaks to a time and place, but it also represents a way of thinking. Today, in our cities, we can use outdoor spaces like never before and have the opportunity to reimagine the spaces we choose to gather. We look forward to welcoming you.

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In fall 2021, in celebration of the Longhouse’s anniversary, re-ply and NeueHouse took part of the NYCxDesign Festival and tested the portability of the Longhouse. We moved the Longhouse from the street up into the penthouse space on the 12th floor of NeueHouse – a 10-hour process – and had a moment where we sat in the Longhouse, sharing stories and learnings from our journey throughout the year.

The Longhouse is soon to have an afterlife and will be installed at Brooklyn’s Ace Hotel as their restaurant’s outdoor dining space.

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