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Following the Covid-19 pandemic and #BLM protests in June 2020, most NYC businesses barricaded their shopfronts with plywood. This material was destined for landfill once it had served its temporary purpose. With a mission to find a second use for the plywood, re-ply’s initiative was to create a cost-effective and recycled ‘kit-of-parts’ for restaurant outdoor dining, to assist NYC’s cherished restaurants, cafés and bars to safely reopen.

Since 2020, we've been working closely with some of the best restaurants in NYC to iterate and refine our products. Announcing re-ply 2.0 - your solution to seasonal outdoor dining for 2024

Outdoor Dining, Simplified

Re-ply 2.0 is your answer to the city's new seasonal outdoor dining rules.

A modular, one-stop-shop solution with a convenient monthly leasing option.

Rats, Storage, Trash containers, Upfront Cost: Solved

We're now taking orders for re-ply 2.0 structures for Spring 2024 install.

Get in touch to and reserve a space in the 2024 production que, arrange a free site plan and detailed quote for your restaurant.

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  • RAT TECH ™

    Re-ply structures are rat-proof, protecting your investment and your diners


    We conceal your trash, prevent it from becoming a food source for rats


    Our acoustic roof deflects sound away from your upstairs neighbors


    We make outdoor dining more equitable for your patrons


    NYC will require structures to be stored in winter - we'll take care of this for you!


    We use sustainable and recycled materials and reduce life-cycle waste

Starting at $1,800 per month

Over the 8-month NYC outdoor dining season

Configure your structure here for instant pricing

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