About Us

This has been a monumental time globally with a pandemic ravaging the health and the economic future of our communities. At a time when we need unity and hope division and unrest has focused us on the very nature of inequity persecution and a need for structural change.

Re-Ply is an initiative taking the very material that has been used to secure businesses to transform our city spaces for a rebirth of a gentler and more inclusive society. A humble building product has become the canvas for the voices for change, imprinted with the messages of our time.  

Re-Ply is the rebirth of the barricade to create new outdoor spaces for our cherished restaurants, bars and cafes to reactivate our streets allowing us to come together in rebuilding our community free from fear for the summer of 2020.

  • Civic Engagement

    Our motivation has been to first and foremost support restaurants. We have worked hard to make sure our structures are affordable and repeatable, while minimizing downtime for restaurants during installation. We have been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients and partners, allowing us to explore a variety of uses; from restaurants to workspaces, art projects and public activations.

  • Quality of Life

    Our designs are intended to improve the public realm. We strive to build structures that are universally accessible and safe for patrons, restaurant operators, pedestrians and traffic. Our modular approach has meant the structures can be moved, disassembled or reconfigured, and enables access to below-grade infrastructure.

  • Technology

    Re-ply uses high tech production to minimize the use of virgin materials, reduce material waste, improve quality and precision and allow for flat-pack style assembly. Our ‘kit of parts’ solution is designed to incorporate a variety of salvaged materials without compromise, and is adjustable enough to account for the many site conditions and considerations we see in NYC without requiring site-specific re-design.