Repurposing a Moment

Re-ply was founded in June 2020 by the New York studio of Australian architecture firm BVN. With offices in Sydney, Brisbane, London and New York, BVN has a broad portfolio of built work internationally.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and #BLM protests in June 2020, most NYC businesses barricaded their shopfronts with plywood. This material was destined for landfill once it had served its temporary purpose.

With a mission to find a second use for the plywood, re-ply’s initiative was to create a cost-effective and recycled ‘kit-of-parts’ for restaurant outdoor dining, to assist NYC’s cherished restaurants, cafés and bars to safely reopen in the midst of the pandemic. 

Using digital fabrication and leveraging recycled and reclaimed materials, we've created a next generation 'Kit of Parts' outdoor dining solution for New York City and beyond.