LEAF Festival of Flowers & Lights on the Cobbles

LEAF Festival of Flowers & Lights on the Cobbles

"Their ability to elevate form and function through the use of recycled materials is a strong reason why we trusted them on a project that the community could interact and engage with." - Theresa Rivera, Meatpacking District LEAF Flower Show 

Meatpacking District LEAF Festival of Flowers

Another community partnership with the Meatpacking District and artist Theresa Rivera – re-ply built a structure to be covered with flowers for the LEAF Festival of Flowers in summer 2021.

Designed for programmatic diversity and neighborhood context, the structure can be easily disassembled and reconfigured, and used in multiple modes for different events, which brings us to the next iteration as follows.


Meatpacking District Lights on the Cobbles

Using the same kit-of-parts as the LEAF Festival of Flowers, The Meatpacking District housed a whimsical light display on the cobbles for 6 weeks throughout winter 2021-2022. The portable re-ply structure was re-erected in a few hours, and redecorated with Theresa Rivera’s light installation to offer the community a winter festivity. We have started conversations with the district about the next iteration of the structure for the next season’s festival.



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