NeueHouse Longhouse 2.0

Longhouse 2.0 - Special edition for #friezeweek
Printed artwork by @davidellisstudio on roof membrane

"What gives plywood its tremendous strength and durability are its laminated cross sections stacked in alternating directions. Similarly, the grooves in a vinyl record, under the precision of a turntable’s diamond stylus, amplify a musicians rhythm, melody and memory to our own. The hidden truth within the radiating circular etchings of an LP are its ability to take us on a journey to other vantage points in time and give structure and direction when challenge and uncertainty abound. Its no coincidence that the wood grain in stacked plywood strongly resembles the striations of collected spines in an assorted box of treasured albums. This is an homage to the hand held objects of sound that are the very remnants of our sonic foundations, our collective songs in the many keys of life, the mix-tapes and playlists that bind us together and give us strength in the drum we all share in our chests."           - Recollection Remix, David Ellis Studio